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Bestmile and StreetDrone

Bestmile Teams with StreetDrone to Add Autonomous & Connected Vehicle Management to Xenos Platform

Bestmile, the leading mobility services platform used to plan, manage, and optimize autonomous and human-driven vehicle fleets, today announced that it has partnered with StreetDrone, maker of intelligent, connected self-driving technology. The integration of the Bestmile Mobility Services Platform into StreetDrone’s Xenos platform enables StreetDrone to offer a complete vehicle and mobility service operating system.

Aside from major automotive manufacturers, companies developing autonomous and connected vehicle technology face a daunting risk of losing critical startup time and money buying and modifying a vehicle to use to test their software. Vehicles must be drivable by wire and equipped with a technology stack that includes onboard cameras and sensors, as well as the processing power to manage the vast data generated by the vehicle. StreetDrone, referring to itself as the “Android of the autonomous vehicle world,” offers an operating system on which others can build self-driving applications.

“Service management is critical to the success of new mobility services, and Bestmile has the most proven mobility services platform available, making them the ideal partner for StreetDrone,” said Mike Potts, CEO of StreetDrone. “StreetDrone’s focus and future is in helping connect vehicles into the type of mobility networks that the Bestmile platform enables.”

The StreetDrone Xenos platform provides a combination of hardware—including modified Renault Twizy vehicles—and software to form a foundation for integrating the technologies that need to work together for connected and autonomous vehicles to be safe and reliable. Bestmile makes StreetDrone vehicles “fleet ready” for testing scalable fleet services in addition to testing individual vehicle performance.

“For new mobility services to deliver on their promise to transform transportation, vehicles must be able to work together and use data from multiple sources to intelligently optimize performance,” said Raphaël Gindrat, CEO and founder of Bestmile. “We share StreetDrone’s vision of an open, interoperable, on-demand ecosystem where best-in-class technologies combine to enable the development of optimized automated mobility safely, quickly and economically, and are pleased to be a part of this ecosystem.”

Bestmile’s Mobility Services Platform is the only solution of its kind to enable vehicles of any brand or type to communicate and work as intelligent fleets. Its technology enables human-driven and autonomous vehicles to work together to deliver on-demand services with optimized dispatching, routing, pooling, and energy and maintenance management. Bestmile’s platform also offers advanced matching algorithms that can process traveler, vehicle and third-party data to send the right vehicle to the right place at the right time. Data intelligence and machine learning constantly improve system performance. Service providers around the world use the platform to configure service areas, define key performance metrics such as vehicle utilization and wait times, and monitor services in real time.
To see a StreetDrone Twizy in action, visit: streetdrone.com/streetdrone-twizy.

About Bestmile    

Bestmile empowers mobility providers to deploy, manage and optimize autonomous and human-driven vehicle fleets, supporting fixed-route and on-demand services, regardless of the vehicle brand or type. Bestmile’s mobility platform allows operators to support multi-modal, multi-service offerings in a safe and efficient manner by integrating autonomous vehicles in the existing transportation ecosystem. Bestmile’s autonomous mobility service platform is being used daily in shared electric autonomous vehicles in pedestrian areas and public roads. Incorporated in 2014, Bestmile has global offices in San Francisco (USA) and Lausanne (Switzerland).

About StreetDrone

StreetDrone is an autonomous vehicle start-up based in Oxford. They provide autonomous vehicle technology, from drive-by-wire and self-driving operating systems to validated open source software, with products that provide the functionality to safely link vehicles with self-driving systems. The StreetDrone Twizy is their first vehicle conversion, an affordable and accessible research and development vehicle that is fitted with XenOS, the self-driving operating system, to enable vehicles to connect to a wide range of self-driving software, AI and mobility applications.


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